Sebastian Bobadilla-Suarez: PhD Student

Ana GarzonI received my Bachelor’s degree in Social Anthropology which concentrated on cases of schizophrenia in an indigenous community in relation to their shared values. I completed internships and volunteer work concerned with community-based psychiatry and medical anthropology at various health institutes in Mexico. I obtained an MSc in Social Cognition at University College London. The project focused on the uncertainty inherent in value-based choice investigated with the aid of eye-tracking equipment. My work with Tali Sharot has mainly focused on investigating the situations in which people prefer to let someone else decide for them, be it an expert or other. This work is done in collaboration with Cass Sunstein. I have also been collaborating with Stephanie Lazzaro in a project involving how people update their beliefs about climate change.

Contact: sebastian.suarez.12 (at) (email)