Current Lab Members

You learn more about the background and different research areas of different lab members by clicking on the images below. You can also see our current and previous collaborators.

Previous Lab Members

Eleanor Loh: Former Post Doc. Now a Data Scientist at Deliveroo.

Caroline Charpentier: Former PhD Student. Now a Post Doc at The O’Doherty Lab, Caltech.

Neil Garrett: Former PhD Student. Now a Post Doc at The Daw Lab, Princeton University.

Andreas Kappes: Former Post Doc. Now a Post Doc at The Crockett Lab, University of Oxford.

Christina Moutsiana: Former Post Doc. Now a Lecturer in psychology at the University of Kingston, London.

Kaustubh Patil: Former Post Doc. Now a Post Doc with Drazen Prelec at the Sloan School of Management, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Phoebe Chen: Former MSc student. Now working as a research assistant at the cognitive psychology lab at National Chengchi University, Taipei.

Rose Cooper: Former MSc student. Now a PhD student at the Behavioural and Clinical Neurosciences Institute, Cambridge University.

Ana Maria González Garzón: Former MSc student. Now teaching at the Universidad de Los Andes, Bogota.

Jay See Tow: Former BSc Student. Finishing his degree at University College London.

Lucy Li: Former Research Assistant. Now doing a PhD at Cornell University.

Daniel Murage: Former Research Assistant. Studying a MFA–Fiction program at NYU.

Tara Srirangarajan: Former Research Assistant. Finishing her BSc at Northeastern University.

Lena Coutrot: Former Research Assistant. Now doing an MSc in Cognitive Science at Ecole Normale Supérieure.

Julia Folz: Former Research Assistant. Now doing an MSc in Neuro-Cognitive Psychology at LMU Munich.

Lennart Wittkuhn: Former Research Assistant. Starting a PhD at the Max Planck Institute for Human Development in Berlin in October.

Maria Gädeke: Former Research Assistant. Finishing a Master’s of Neurosciences at the University of Bonn.

Sarah Hadden: Former Research Assistant.

Anja Hallan-Wolff: Former Research Assistant. Studying a degree in clinical psychology at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

Molly Wilner: Former Research Assistant.