Irene Cogliati Dezza: Post-doctoral fellow

Irene Cogliati Dezza is a postdoctoral researcher founded by the BOF-postdoctoral fellowship. She is also associate editor at In-Mind Italy

She holds a BA in Biology, a MA in Neurobiology, a university certificate in data science and a PhD in computational cognitive neuroscience. 

Her research focuses on understanding how people decide what they want to know and how they explore novel and unknown courses of action. She conducts her research in adults and children in both healthy and clinical populations.

Her approach combines state-of-the-art methods from diverse disciplines including psychology, neuroscience and computer science.


irene.cogliatidezza(at) (email)


Cogliati Dezza, I., Noel, X., Cleeremans, A., Yu, A. (under-review). What drives information-seeking in healthy and addicted behaviors . bioRvix preprint

Cogliati Dezza, I., Cleeremans, A., Alexander, W. (under-review). Independent and Interacting Value System for Reward and Information in the Human Prefrontal Cortex . bioRvix preprint

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