Seminar Series

Below you can see a list of speakers we have coming up in our seminar series this term. To see a list of previous speakers in the series, please click here. To view talks (upcoming and previous) by lab members, please visit our Talks page.


Date Speaker Title
Thursday 28th
Bojana Kuzmanovic*
(Max Planck Institute, Cologne)
Computational components and causal mechanisms of the optimism bias in belief updating
Thursday 5th
Irma Kurniawan*
(Brain & Spine Institute, Paris)
Past actions shape our future preferences
Thursday 12th
Floris de Lange*
(Radboud University, Nijmegen)
How is visual perception biased?
Thursday 26th
Rebeccah Slater
(University of Oxford)
Measuring and modulating infant pain in early human development
Thursday 2nd
Andrew Westbrook*
(Washington University, St. Louis)
Dopamine and proximity effects in cognitive control
Thursday 9th
Oded Berger-Tal*
(Ben-Gurion University of the Negev)
Confronting novel environments: the trade-off between exploration and exploitation.
Thursday 16th
Keno Juechems
(University of Oxford)
Thursday 30th
Oliver Robinson
(University College London)
Modelling avoidance in mood and anxiety disorders using reinforcement-learning
Thursday 14th
Florian Zimmermann*
(University of Zurich)
Dynamics of motivated beliefs

*Speaker is joining us online

All talks take place at 26 Bedford Way, University College London

Unfortunately, we cannot accept an online audience.