Christina Moutsiana: Post Doc

I am interested in the human brain and its functioning in health and disease, which I study using brain imaging, psychophysics and other behavioural methods.

I received my training in visual neuroscience, investigating the properties of the retinotopic visual areas. My postdoctoral work encompasses the fields of affective and cognitive neuroscience, using emotion regulation and memory retrieval paradigms. What I am focusing on in my most recent research is cognitive processing in decision making, what brain networks it involves and how this alters in clinical populations, and varies  across the lifespan.

Contact: c.moutsiana (at) (email)


Moutsiana, C., Garrett, N., Clarke, R.C., Lotto, R.B., Blakemore, S.J. & Sharot, T. (2013) Human development of the ability to learn from bad newsProceeding of the National Academy of Sciences, in press.