Eleanor Loh: Post Doc


I’m interested in the computational processes that underpin decision making, memory and anxiety. Currently, I’m working on the question of how we learn to trust different information sources, and how affiliative relationships influence the efficiency of learning.

I completed my PhD at the UCL Wellcome Trust Centre for Neuroimaging, with Profs. Emrah Duzel and Ray Dolan. Prior to joining the lab, my work focused mainly on the hippocampal circuit and its computations in reward and aversive signalling.


More information about my work can be found on my research website, here.

Contact: e.loh (at) ucl.ac.uk (email)



Loh, E., Kurth-Nelson, Z., Berron, D., Dayan, P., Duzel, E., Dolan, R., Guitart-Masip, M. (accepted, Cerebral Cortex). Parsing the contribution of the hippocampus to avoidance and exploration.

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