Valentina Vellani: PhD Student

I am a second year PhD student in the Affective Brain Lab, supervised by Tali Sharot. I investigate how valence of information influences information processing using behavioral and pharmacological methods.

Before starting the PhD, I obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology of Personality and a Master’s degree in Cognitive Neuroscience at Padova University (Italy). I carried out my final project at Ulm University (Germany) where I investigated the neural substrates of anhedonia.


Email: valentina.vellani.19[at]

Twitter: @ValentinaVella9


Vellani, V., de Vries, L.P., Gaule, A., Sharot, T. (2020). A selective effect of dopamine on information-seeking. eLife, 9, e59152. 

Mattevi, A., Sorella, S., Vellani, V., Grecucci, A., (2019). Regulating Anger: which strategy? A preliminary study, Italian Journal of Psychology. 46(4), 997-1010.