Seminar Series (past)

Below you can see a list of speakers we have had previously. To see a list of speakers for this term, please click here.

Spring Term 2017

Date Speaker Title
Thursday 12th
Jennifer Logg
(UC Berkeley)
Theory of Machine: When do people rely on algorithms?
Thursday 19th January Michael Sanders
(Behavioural InsightsTeam)
Social contagion and social licensing in charitable giving and beyond
Thursday 26th January Cleotilde Gonzalez
(Carnegie Mellon University)
Adaptation to Change
Thursday 2nd February Erin Rich
(UC Berkeley)
Dynamic encoding of choice in the orbitofrontal cortex
Thursday 9th February Emilio Ferrara
(University of South Carolina)
Human behavior in techno-social systems
Thursday 16th February No Affective Brain Seminar
Thursday 23rd February Alex Peysakhovich
(Facebook Artificial Intelligence)
Fixing the Replication Crisis with Machine Learning
Thursday 2nd
Pablo Barberá
(University of South California)
How Social Media Reduces Mass Political Polarization
Thursday 9th
Alexandra Constantinescu
(Oxford University)
Organizing conceptual knowledge in humans with a grid-like code
Thursday 16th March Kiyohito Iigaya
(University College
Favouring Savouring: How Prediction Error Boosts Appetitive Anticipation
Thursday 23rd March Sonia Bishop
(UC Berkeley)
Thursday 27th
Hal Hershfield
(University of California, Los Angeles)
When does the present end and the future begin?
Thursday 4th
Jane Wang
(Deep Mind)
Thursday 11th
Kenway Louie
(New York University)
Reward statistics, adaptive value coding, and efficient choice behavior
Thursday 18th
Thursday 25th
Corey White
(Syracuse University)
Thursday 1st
Birte Forstmann
(University of Amsterdam)

Michaelmas Term 2016

Date Speaker Title
Thursday 6th
Louisa Egan
(University of Portland)
Moral Licensing Effects as Acquired Behavior
Thursday 13th October Christian Ruff
(University of Zurich)
Social decision making: Distinct causal brain mechanisms
Thursday 20th October Anna Schapiro
Complementary learning systems
within the hippocampus: A neural
network modeling approach to reconciling episodic memory with statistical learning
Thursday 27th October Amit Sharma
(Microsoft Research)
The limits of social influence in online social networks
Thursday 3rd November Keith Chen
(UCLA, Uber)
Flexible Work: How Drivers Respond to Dynamic Pricing and Work Flexibility on the Uber Platform
Thursday 17th November Justin Rao
(Microsoft Research)
Understanding Charitable Giving Choices
Thursday 24th November No Seminar
Thursday 1st December Filippo Menczer
(Indiana University)
The Spread of Misinformation in Social Media
Thursday 8th December Daniel Bennett
(University of Melbourne)
The intrinsic value of information in decision making
Thursday 15th December Jessica Bodford
(Facebook & Arizona State)
Cyberpsychology: Human interaction in the digital age

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